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Instead of the elegantly decorated but low grade Al Dente on Floreasca Avenue, a new Tratoria is opened, part of the Italian restaurants chain run by the former football player Gino Iorgulescu.

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Trattoria Il Calcio Restaurant

Almost nothing changed in terms of decorations, maybe just a few essential items. J There is a simply awful oil wall painting illustrating ?the football figures? of Romania (Dragomir, Iorgulescu, Mircea Sandu, Becali etc) painted clumsily on one of the sidewalls of the main hall. You can rarely see such nonsense; it is worth visiting the place only to see that, trust me it really does!
Food is not bad but the service is slow and poor. The orange fresh was of questionable quality but the salads varied from good to very good. 
A great minus for the "bruschette" made out of hearth bread slices, like those from Maramures area, thick as a hefty mower's palm. 
The hostess (a Tratoria il Calcio fashion: to place a "demoiselle" responsible with placing the guests) was good at many things except for organizing. She fussed about the whole time without noticing the poor service. Anyhow, the passionate goodbye smile was worth every dime. By the way, the prices are medium.
Tratoria Il Calcio on Delea street is much nicer (at least the terrace looks very nice), the service is much faster and more polite. A big plus for the nuts ice cream krantz cake, that was really delicious.

Trattoria Il Calcio Restaurant (Italian Restaurants)
2013 Sac Longchamp
Trattoria Il Calcio Restaurant | Italian restaurants in Bucharest - Romania
Pe data de 6 August 2011 la orele 18:00 am luat masa la restaurantul IL CALCIO de pe SOS. NORDULUI NR. 7-9 BUCURESTI SECTOR 1 ( CIF RO 16792110).
Am gasit in mancare un numar foarte mare de VIERMI !!!! Am facut reclamatie restaurantului si intentionez sa contactez Directia de sanatate a Bucurestiului si Protectia consumatorului la prima ora luni dimineata.
Am luat mancare cu viermi sa o predau Directie de sanatate pentru analize. Am poze si bonul ca dovada. (bon de plata #52707 CEM 001 OP.1 06-08-2011 ora 18:26)
Managerul restaurantului a refuzat initial sa-mi impacheteze mancare pentru proba si sa-mi emita bonul de plata ca sa nu am dovezi incriminatoare

Trattoria Il Calcio Restaurant

Trattoria Il Calcio Restaurant
Calea Floreasca nr. 118-120
021-230 36 84
0788-335 346
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