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Lebanese Restaurants



Four Seasons Restaurant
Four  Seasons Restaurant Four Seasons Restaurant
El Bacha Alba Iulia Restaurant
El Bacha Alba Iulia Restaurant Whether a meat lover, a vegetarian or just in the mood for a well cooked meal you are sure to find something to suit your appetite. The Menu offers an extensive range of mezze, grilled fish or meat, salads and soups.
1001 Nopti Restaurant
Restaurant 1001 Nopti
Al Wady Restaurant
Al Wady Restaurant
Clona Restaurant
Coin Vert Restaurant
Coin Vert Restaurant
El Bacha Pipera Restaurant
If you are tired of mediocre Middle Eastern fare presented in less-than-appealing surroundings, El Bacha Pipera is the obvious step up.
Grenadine Restaurant
Grenadine Restaurant
Mezze Restaurant
Mezze Restaurant
Restaurant Chez Toni
Chez Toni
Casa Zena Restaurant
Casa Zena Lebanese restaurant
La Bacha Restaurant
El Bacha - lebanese cuisine.
Paradis 2 Restaurant
CLOSED! Paradis 2 Restaurant
Piccolo Mondo Restaurant
Piccolo Mondo Restaurant - Good food, not the same we can say about the service...
Lebanese Restaurant Cedar's
Capitan Restaurant
Capitan Restaurant - Lebanese restaurant
ABU ABDU Restaurant
EL BACHA Phoenicia Restaurant
EL BACHA Phoenicia Restaurant
Beirut Restaurant
Lebanese restaurant not tested yet.
El Capitan Restaurant
Clasic Lebanese restaurant. Good food, very good service.
EL BACHA Marriott Restaurant
CLOSED! Lebanese restaurant inside Marriott hotel.
Tripoli Restaurant
Tripoli - Good Lebanese restaurant
Aisha Lebanese Restaurant
Aisha Lebanese Restaurant - lebanese restaurant.
Habibi Restaurant
Habibi Restaurant - Lebanese restaurant serving an excellent food, very good service and genuine atmosphere. Tagen, humus, falafel and fish ...
Tulin Restaurant
Tulin Restaurant
Coltul Verde Restaurant
Coltul Verde Restaurant
Decano Restaurant
Decano Restaurant
El Mir Restaurant

Restaurante Bucuresti

Lebanese restaurants in Bucharest - Romania, Lebanese food.

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Bucurestiul, un oras mult mai sigur, de cand este securizat cu sisteme de supraveghere.

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